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At Idaho Legal Justice, we understand the high stakes involved when facing criminal charges.

You need a lawyer who will communicate with you. You need a lawyer who will work for you. You need a lawyer who will treat you with respect.

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A Boise DUI Lawyer who will work hard for you.

As soon as you retain Idaho Legal Justice we demand the prosecutor produces all evidence they have against you. You will be given the opportunity to see this evidence and review it with your attorney. Together we will create a strategy for your case. We will have your back throughout the entire process.

We will communicate with you.

When you retain Idaho Legal Justice, you will receive your attorney’s cell phone number.
Our clients are in regular contact with their attorney, who diligently responds to his client’s texts and calls.
Before every court appearance, we have a conversation with each client so they feel prepared and always understand what to expect.

We will treat you with respect.

You aren’t what you do. Everyone deserves dignity and respect, even if they’ve made a mistake. Being accused of a crime can be scary. Idaho Legal Justice can help.

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We think legal fees should be straight forward.

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Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges?

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