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Meet Sam.

Sam Bishop is a lawyer who doesn’t like lawyers.

Sam was born in Idaho and raised on principles of hard work and excellence.

As a child, he lived in a school bus in a logging camp where his family lived off the land.

Sam wanted a better life for his children, so he went to law school on a full-tuition scholarship. Quickly disillusioned by the legal industry, Sam resolved to do things differently.

Sam has made it a priority to avoid outdated law practices.

Clients at other firms often find it impossible to actually talk to their lawyer who may seem indifferent to their client’s outcome anyway.

When Sam founded Idaho Legal Justice, he committed to interact with clients in a compassionate manner.

He committed to respond to their needs, and be invested in their cases. That’s exactly what he’s done.

Due to its untraditional origins, Idaho Legal Justice is operated in an untraditional way. Sam is proud of what he’s done for his clients and of the firm that he’s built from the ground up.

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Meet us.

Sam Bishop

Attorney at Law



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